Our Passion

Our Promise is our Passion....

We will never forget 9-11

At the Global Food Defense Institute, we are committed to providing exemplary service to our clients; service that exceeds their expectations. We honor our military and law enforcement person who work tirelessly each day to help keep our nation safe. Let's all do our part! 

About Us

Our Experience

Our team of food defense, law enforcement and technology experts bring a wealth of real life knowledge, real life situations and experience to share with our clients. With GFDI, its the "real deal."  We have performed over 500 site vulnerability assessments as well as written dozens of food facility defense plans. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

"As a plant manager and someone who's been in the food industry for over 25 years, I must admit, this training from GFDI was the absolute best I've ever had. I was looking for training for my staff that they could relate to....wow, did I find it!" 

B. Nixon, Plant Mgr., Chicago Il.

Powered by Repositrak

We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with the food industry's leading food safety and defense technology developer and leader, Repositrak. Food defense assessments, plan development and training are all now available at the click of a mouse!